10 simple rules dating sports guy bill simmons

Cowherd has offered minimal praise to Vince Mc Mahon, however, calling him a visionary.Description: How The Sports Guy Found Salvation Thanks to the World Champion (Twice!

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today, where host Colin Cowherd continued his anti-wrestling stance.

"I used to watch pro wrestling when I was a kid, but I also used to eat my boogers," Cowherd said.

"You're a good looking guy with a big broad life and you're super smart, and you're going to be on talking about guys fake wrestling.

"Did you hold it against Benedict Cumberbatch that he couldn't really overthrow Germany? It'd be like if I found out our President played with Legos during summits," Cowherd said.

In 2012, Cowherd criticized then-WWE champion CM Punk for judging Nike's endorsement deal with Jon Jones, who had recently been arrested for DUI.

Too much time and mental energy consumed for too little reward.

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