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As a coach/mechanic you wont always know the right answer but the key to this is that you KNOW WHERE to find the RIGHT answer. Lovie Smith was a great coach and if you hire me I can carry on what his vision was; which is a title.

We need some more pieces but the foundation is solid. Thank you for your time and let's get this ship headed full steam ahead.

I can come in and start a fire in all of these men and like a laser beam focus that energy to accomplish the mission which is win a championship.

This will take some time, but also no excuses will be made and everyone will be held accountable.

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When you have a team that is disrespected you can motivate them to do huge things.Let's keep building that structure and before you know it we will right where we need to be. #itsabucslife I love that he references his military service and aviation background as why he's qualified.When I told him I was going to write a column about this, he was actually ecstatic."Great," he said.Licht, It is with great opportunity that I, Andrew Forgino apply for the head coaching position left vacant.As you can see from my lengthy resume below that I have a career in leadership and devotion to winning. My sole purpose was to get up every day and accomplish the mission at stake.On Friday, sandbags will be available beginning at 8 a.m.

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