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We know that people don't want to be watching the clock when they are trying to enjoy themselves, so we have worked hard to maintain a cheap service that doesn't compromise on quality.All the girls on our lines are enthusiastic and very willing to please.ADHD symptoms can make some people more likely to speed, have traffic accidents, and lose their driver’s licenses. 3: Marital Trouble Many people without ADHD have marital problems, so a troubled marriage shouldn’t necessarily be seen as a red flag for adult ADHD.

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If you have adult ADHD, others might describe you as edgy or tense. 7: Trouble Starting a Task Just as children with ADHD often put off doing homework, adults with ADHD often drag their feet when starting tasks that require a lot of attention. First, adults with ADHD are often distracted on the way to an event, maybe realizing the car needs to be washed and then noticing they’re low on gas, and before they know it an hour has gone by.

Often, the partners of people with undiagnosed ADHD take poor listening skills and an inability to honor commitments as a sign that their partner doesn’t care.

If you’re the person with ADHD, you may not understand why your partner is upset, and you may feel you’re being nagged or blamed for something that’s not your fault. 4: Extremely Distractible ADHD is a problem with attention, so adult ADHD can make it hard to succeed in today’s fast-paced, hustle-bustle world.

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