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They zoomed in on a photo of the moon and highlighted the 'artificial nature' of an object in the bottom of the footage.

'This exhibits from very similar features to the tanks we see on Earth', they said.

The UFO hunters posted a series of photos taken by the satellite which show a disc-like object from different angles.

They have claimed that the unusual structure appears at different points of the moon's surface, suggesting that the object is moving around.

According to Lions Ground, Secure Team10 has been raking in an estimated £600 (5) a day by posting fake videos that 'outsmart UFO believers.'But Lions Ground is not happy about this, and has told The Sun Online that many of Secure Team10's videos are damaging to 'real' UFO research.

It used to be parents who worried about their children being picked up by unsavory types in bars and other seedy hang-outs.

Now children are worried about their parents being hoodwinked by the scam artists who haunt online dating sites."I am a bit past age 50 --- well educated lady; (I thought that I was so smart that it couldn't happen to me --- my college education is no match for a professional criminal)," said one of a seemingly endless stream of scam victims who hav...

The Marbella-based channel has produced a series of videos called 'Secure Team10 debunked' calling Secure Team10's claims into question.

Heathcliff, the owner of Lions Ground, told The Sun Online: 'He outsmarted the UFO believers and today he drives a fancy car thinking: thank you donkeys.' Secure Team10, which are based in Cleveland, Ohio believe Nasa is covering up evidence of aliens. scattered amongst what appear to be ruins', the team said on their You Tube channel.

Miss Brooks teaches English at Madison High, rents a room from Mrs. In an interview Eve Arden said that she had received several offers from various high schools to be an English teacher.

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