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The Nigerian government insists it is doing everything it can to rescue the girls.

But it has treated the mass abduction as more of a political nuisance than a national security or humanitarian crisis.

That’s partly because relatively few people outside the West use social media.

According to one estimate, at the time of the Arab Spring, many of the countriesinvolved were responsible for less than 2 percent total Twitter users.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that #Bring Back Our Girls hasn’t actually brought the girls back.

And in mid-July it leveled several villages in northeast Nigeria, leaving dozens of people dead and thousands more displaced.This isn’t to suggest that social media campaigns are worthless. In the case of the Nigerian girls, they may eventually be rescued.They can be helpful in raising awareness and cultivating a sense of solidarity with the oppressed. But if they are, it won’t be the result of hashtag diplomacy; rather, it will be due to strong and serious diplomacy conducted by brave men and women willing to confront evil head-on.By one count, since the Chibok kidnappings it has carried out nine major gun and bomb attacks that have killed more than 1,000 people.In June, Boko Haram terrorists kidnapped another 20 girls from a town only a few miles from where the original group of girls was kidnapped two months earlier.Rescuing the girls quickly turned into a cause among politicians, celebrities and commentators across the globe.

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