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In general, it is a comprehensive resource for the history of both addiction and recovery ever since people starting taking an interest.One will find here just about every subject or every angle one would want to learn more about.He follows one commandment in life:“Harm no one, then do what thou wilt.” And his philosophy of life includes:“Live simply. Joe is a regular contributor to AA Agnostica and has written for offers readers very timely articles (and some music! And Joe is not beyond interviewing a few interesting folks in the field of recovery.Some very important links to other free thinker sites is included.Just because you are a recovering alcoholic does not mean you are not obese; and just because you are not obese does not mean you are not a food addict.

Recent books published by Hazelden include Marya Hornbacher’s, among many others.

is an extraordinary resource for those who want to explore spirituality and recovery in non-“western” ways. Ever respectful of all ways people choose the road to recovery, this site emphasizes, as one would expect, compassion, mindfulness, and meditation as ways of overcoming addiction to mind/body altering substances as well as offering guides to living in an increasingly fast paced and an often mind-numbing modern society.

The recommended books to read, the book reviews, downloads to articles and links to other spiritual and “liberating” ways is here, in one location, simply one of the best sites to explore, either as a neophyte or as one already into Buddhist precepts, alternative methods for sobriety and staying sober.

As well as commentary on the “recovery movement,” and everyday sobriety, her website includes interviews, book reviews, and reports on current issues of interest.

Her blog elicits quite a bit of response from her readership.

The material on this website is written in well researched and well documented ways without being too scholarly obtuse.

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