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Still, lawyers for Pawlowski, a former Democratic gubernatorial and U. Senate candidate who has led Pennsylvania’s third-largest city for more than a decade, are already sharpening their knives, and legal arguments, for trial.

“If taking Eagles game tickets is a bribe,” defense lawyer Jack Mc Mahon said, “then the bribers should be culpable, also.” Kilkenny, 44, a U. Army reservist and Democrat who is in his first term in a countywide elected post, contended in an interview last week that he did not believe at the time that he was being extorted by Pawlowski, as federal authorities have alleged.

Great prizes such as cold hard cash, hotel stays, dinners, tickets to popular things to do and more.

Walking distance to various corporate entities such as: PPL, LVHN, and National Penn Bank as well as satellite offices for Air Products, Michael Baker, Norris Mc Laughlin and others.But the incident has also placed a spotlight on another elected officeholder now poised to be a key witness should the case go to trial.Montgomery County Sheriff Sean Kilkenny — who before assuming his post in 2015 worked as a lawyer under contract with municipalities across the region — admits he and a business partner picked up the tab for that 2014 evening.But Pawlowski’s alleged federal crimes, prosecutors say, stemmed from linking that largesse to the decisions surrounding who would reap the rewards.The mayor has denied their allegations that he “put a ‘for sale’ sign up on city hall” by shaking down businessmen — many of whom are now set to testify against him — during the awarding of six city contracts. › Walker & Team Resources › Fundraising Tips › Walk Day Info › Routes & Maps Our how-to videos will help you become a fundraising pro and exceed your goals in no time!

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