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Whats App, being one of the highest used app on almost every smartphone that has an internet connection on it.So why not use a single app, by which one can chat, share and talk, using the internet.If you want to proceed, do the following steps: We confirm that the above steps have worked for us. Note: We tried these steps during the day of writing this article and confirmed that it worked on two the smartphones we tried it on.If you are trying the same, and if it worked for you too, do report the same in the comments below.If the contact you are calling does not have the updated version, it will not be listed in the contacts for voice calls.Now here is a trick to get Whats App calling enabled—but could be risky.This feature was already present with apps such as Google Talk, Skype, now Facebook Messenger, and a lot more.However, having too many apps on your device is a usual issue and if you want to talk to a friend over the internet, he or she would also have to have the app/software installed and register for the service too.

They also released the option to the testers to invite more people and activate the calling feature on different smartphones and operating system versions.

Initially, they released this feature only for Android smartphones.

However, now we are also tapped that i Phone (i OS) users can also use the feature, albeit if they have the latest version of Whats App.

Now that step one is complete, you need to wait for someone with an active Whats App calling feature enabled to call you.

Once he calls you, the Whats App Calling feature on your smartphone gets enabled. The Whats App servers are the mainly responsible to enable the service on your device, after the enabled caller calls you.

We claim risky because it involves a higher version of Whats App (v561), which is not officially out from the Whats App servers. So if you want to try this trick, do it at your own risk.

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