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All the newer clips are in HIgh Definition format and you can also download in smaller file and mobile formats.Bob also loves to do interviews with a lot of the models and enjoys doing behind the scenes as well.You can view all the photos online or download a zip file for your own personal enjoyment.Just like the videos you get a range of shemales from all around the world and that is great for the tgirl fan that loves it all.Bob's Tgirls is up there with one of the first shemale porn sites on the Internet.It has continued to update for years and has collected a huge amount of models from all over the world.

The site updates several times a week with new photos and videos and most of the content is on the solo model side of things but there is some hot hardcore from time to time as well.

There is a huge database of movies inside of this site.

Most of the action is solo shemales stroking their hot cocks and stripping down but there is some lesbian and hardcore fun to be found as well.

The videos are pretty good size and the quality is pretty hot.

You can also sit back and watch the movie streaming right on the site.

Many of the models have multiple sets and a lot of them you can watch their careers from the first shoot when the model was shy and natural to later on in years where she is a confident pornstar.

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