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Her name shd be the second to d last thing u ask, then her number, dats how i do ithi, go through the net and you will so many Tips and Tricks on how to get a girl, but onething for sure they all vary and this is to say you are the only one that knows what to do after what you love, hey friend just be yourself, approach the girl tell her what you feel about her, show it to her Be yourself most importantly. Poster, I hope you are not having the problem I had for 2 years.

I did not see a girl twice for two years, I go to work by 6am and come back by 9pm; but I can't imagine my self with a one night stand and I don't see the possibility of getting a girl at first sight and first met.

If it is the same problem you are having, I am sorry there is no luck oh.

Otherwise, block any girl you like and tell her anything, anything works as far as you gave the impression that you like her.

For me there is no best way of approaching a gurl cos as long as people are different all those so called books on dating,romance etc can't speak everybody's mind take it or leave it. The one thing i always keep in mind is, no matter what, get a number.

[color=#000099][/color]believe it or not, the best way to approach a girl is through courtesy, you see, if you are to direct when approaching women, rejection is highly inevitable, but instead approach her in a very natural way, make her guess what your intentions are i.e ( DOES THIS GUY WANNA GET WITH ME OR IS HE JUST A SOCIABLE GUY) that way you are communicating indifferency and challenge cos most guys are way too predictable. Normally I simply walk over to a gurl I like(if its on d street) n say 'hi, saw u from over there and came over to say hi.' If its at d club, I walk over to her ask to buy her a drink or tell the bar tender to give her a drink(if she's not poppin Hennessey of Cristal o).

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So topic will make her think you into her and you willing to know her.

Iv been there and I felt it Okay okay I hear you guys and you'll talking poff.

before living dont forget to collect her number oooooooooooooo. I must say that all the guys that contributed have really done justice to to your name.

However I must warn you that you don't need a list of rules to abide with,when you approach a girl.

If u act needy ur most likely gomna be foreva friendzoned, dont be decieved, mr nice guys always come last. Iv done that before and some of them will just say thanks and look away.

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