Astrology and dating compatibility


Unless you understand yourself it's much harder to know what you want and need from a partner, and it's much harder to recognize the right partner when you find them.This section explores everything about your unique personality.There's no need to compare features or buy multiple reports from me, as I never hold information back to sell you additional reports later.Due to this complete coverage my readings have a wide variety of uses...My structured analysis can show you today whether he or she is your soulmate. You met someone, and for the first time in years you feel alive!Astrology has no magic tricks to make someone fall in love with you. Need to know how to turn your differences into strengths? An unbiased and anonymous analysis can often do what your friends can't... Each reading includes my personal email address if you have questions or want additional help.

What needs must be met in order for your partner to be emotionally fulfilled?In this section I examine everything about your relationship and how well you mesh together in different areas.I look at both the rough and the smooth edges of your interaction and use scores to highlight any unusually strong or weak areas compared to averages.It's exciting and new, but that little voice is asking if this will be another dead end relationship?You don't need to wait months or years to find out. The right information can radically change the dynamics of a relationship, how you view and react to someone, and how they view and react to you.All my work has a 60 day full money back guarantee if you're not totally satisfied.

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