Australia dating laws


Queensland requires a minimum of one month notice for a fixed term agreement, and at least two months notice for periodic agreements.

The maximum advance rent is generally two weeks or a months rent, depending on the type of tenancy agreement and the state: The tenant is in addition usually expected to pay a rental bond.Each state, except Tasmania, Western Australia and Northern Territory, has its own Rental Bonds office, and maximum rates for the rental bonds differ according to the rent, type of tenancy agreement and state where the tenancy takes effect.Where a fixed term tenancy expires and the tenant does not evacuate the premises, the tenancy is transformed into a periodic tenancy in all states, except in New South Wales, where there is automatic renewal on the same terms and conditions as before.There has been no change in New South Wales, South Australia or Western Australia in the past few decades, and the changes in other states have been minor.In Queensland, the Residential Tenancies Regulation 2005 increased the maximum bond to 4 weeks rent, if the rent is less than 0, reflecting the growth in median rents.Search for journal articles on contract law topics in law and general academic journal article databases.

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