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Both AVG and Avast have huge followings, but globally each is strong in different areas. Of course, AVG only makes money if somebody purchases the for-pay security suite.

There's a certain amount of upsell when you go to install the free antivirus, but it's much more laid back than, for example, Comodo.

As for the VPN panel, that one remains empty unless you separately install the Hide My Ass VPN.

Last year's edition of the antivirus looked extremely similar to AVG Zen, with the same color scheme and the same circle-based status indicators.

AVG participates in four of the five, and received two Advanced and two Advanced ratings.In testing, the full scan finished in just six minutes, which led me to peruse all the scan options. This scan took over an hour, quite a bit longer than last year's edition of AVG.However, because the scan flags safe files that don't need to be looked at again, a second scan goes much faster.Last year, Avast acquired AVG, but fans of either company needn't worry, as both product lines continue their separate existence.Why would a company want to acquire such a similar competitor?This year, the color scheme hasn't changed, but almost everything else has. The Basic protection pane includes icons for computer protection and for Web and email protection, both enabled.

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