Bait and switch dating

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In her book Bait & Switch, Megan Hunter addresses an important facet of parental relationships, and of our society in general: How can we handle, survive, and even thrive in relationships with a very difficult partner?This personality issue renders relationships very challenging.“ Based on her years of experience in this field, Megan proposes an effective and simple strategy based on ‘connecting, shifting, honesty, and consequences.’ Connect with the emotional brain (right) to control the fire.Then shift to the analytic brain (left) to activate the thinking. Thank you Megan for articulating such a clear strategy that will help many of us.”--Frederic Bien, Ph D, President, Personality Disorder Awareness Network (“ With extraordinary insight, Megan Hunter provides clear and usable strategies and skills for ending the chaos of high conflict relationships.Megan Hunter has successfully tackled one of the biggest topics of today: What do you do when your great relationship turns into a struggle?She gives numerous practical tips on what you can do and how to influence your partner.If you want to save your relationship, this book will show you how.

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