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The Venus is thought to have been slightly anthropomorphic to begin with and was elaborated upon with hominid tools.The base shows evidence that it was carved flat, so as to stand upright.Two different main motifs were recorded: a hatched band and another using sub-parallel or converging lines.Because the patterns changed over time, and because the sample size was at last large enough, archaeologists were able to establish the existence of design traditions among Stone Age cultures, at least as far as engraving is concerned.The Tan Tan figure was painted ochre, a color often used for ceremonies.Ostrich shells have been an important tool for many early cultures, and decorating them became an important form of early self-expression for humans.

But the real kicker of the Sulawesi Caves is a handprint painting, now known to be the oldest ever discovered, at a minimum of 39,900 years old.

"Perhaps if we blow something up, the world will pay attention to us," many in the province told Al Jazeera.

Art is almost as old as people, and at our best, we seek to protect and preserve it wherever we find it.

Some archaeologists argue that cupules shouldn’t be counted as art because they may have had a utilitarian purpose.

They may have been used as grinding basins or for ceremonial purposes, as some cultures still use them today.

Cupules are depressions carved into both horizontal and vertical rock, often arranged systematically into rows or columns.

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