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Coffey wrote a blog on Facebook where he talks about limiting the freedom of speech.

As a reminder, our freedom of speech is the 1st Amendment. Coffey goes on to say: “Anyone with access to a computer can spout vitriol against others with little (or no) fear of reprimand or recourse.

Coffey Talk with Chip Coffey 2013 - Ottawa, ON Why not wear one of these hats to disrupt his psychic powers?

Written by Leslie Valentin We live in a world where the general public is caught up by Paparazzi moments due to celebrities dating or breaking up, acting bizarre and fighting addictions amongst other issues.

Those who choose to bash others generally love it when the individual they are bashing gets into a pissing contest with them. Coffey’s Facebook and Twitter are there statements that are just the opposite.

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I refuse to defend or debate because I realize that, in most instances, I am wasting my time by doing so.

His grandiose scheme of raging has not only lost him credibility, but also his contract with a television network as well as his job.

What is appalling is when persons such as Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson are held accountable for their words and actions while others who throw hissy fits and tantrums are not.

Tickets are around , which is significantly less than his psychic readings - 20-30 minutes for 0USD.

Actually, the price only goes up rather dramatically from there. I'm only posting this here because Skeptics may find the show amusing.

Some could call it a passionate outburst; others could call it by a few different names.

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