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It feels like the romance and serendipity is taken out of a date that's been set up.

We didn't run into one another, we didn't meet by some sort of strange or cute circumstance.

It was basically a Melanie Griffith "" business suit with a giant belt and shoulder pads.

Now, while those suits seem to be back in now, at the time my sister was appalled and ended up taking the suit back.

The thought of picking out things for people is always nice, but certain things need to be picked out by the actual person.

I don't like these fancy restaurants and their have prix fixemenus.

It's the mission of one New York-based start-up to "end loneliness." Whether it's young professionals looking to meet other singles or for a friendly night on the town, Grouper aims to disrupt the bar scene and traditional one-on-one dating.

Grouper, founded in 2011 by a guy getting over a breakup, offers users the opportunity to go on a blind date during which two groups of friends meet for the first time and spend an evening at a local bar or restaurant.

Grouper's goal is to help you connect with strangers in the real world—the next evolution of social networking, according to Waxman.My friend says that I should date as much as I can so I can at least use some dates as "". Hey, I'm all for dating, I just want to choose who I go on the date with.So have any of you had any blind dates that turned into a serious relationship?"It really increases the pressure and people don't act like themselves." ( Start-up creates New York's newest social network—for cabs) Samantha Daniels, president of Samantha's Table Matchmaking, said that millennials' noncommittal nature has shaped the way they approach their offline social life, and Grouper is tapping into that shift.Grouper said users also have made romantic connections through the more informal group gatherings.The company describes itself not as a dating site but as a social club.

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