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Former Government Minister Peter Lilley said: ‘Prince Charles is sadly reflecting the view fostered by organisations like the BBC and others that anyone who exercises their critical faculties on global warming is beyond the pale.’But Sir Nicholas Soames, the Tory MP for Mid Sussex, said: ‘Climate change is a very complex and difficult subject, and it’s brilliant the way he has distilled the arguments into this book.

I commend him for writing it.’Former Business Secretary Vince Cable added: ‘I think it’s only a few people now who do not believe that climate change is happening, so Prince Charles is right to write about it.‘Also, he is writing about science, and so there is no problem with that.

In 1981, a book about him was published, featuring a picture of him in naval uniform on the front and a photograph from his engagement to Princess Diana on the back.

Ladybird also produced a souvenir of the couple’s wedding, which is currently available on Amazon for 1p, plus postage.

Details of its content have not been revealed but The Mail on Sunday understands that the slim, hardback volume claims there is overwhelming scientific evidence that largely man-made global warming causes catastrophic events, including the recent flooding in parts of Britain and rising global temperatures.

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Prince Charles himself has already been the subject of a Ladybird book.Dozens of shops were flooded and cars were swept away while lifeboats had to rescue desperate residents from flats above shops and supermarkets on the high street.The following month, Prince Charles blamed the floods on ‘mankind’s arrogant disregard of the delicate balance of nature’.Retired Uckfield policeman and chairman of the local community radio station, Mike Skinner, said the town had been hit by floods on numerous occasions, dating back to the mid-19th Century.He added: ‘We haven’t had anything again in the last 16 years, and you might have expected that with temperatures still rising.’Mr Juniper, a former director of Friends of the Earth and an adviser to the Prince, said: ‘Telling the story of climate change in 50,000 words would be hard enough, but doing it in 5,000 is, we discovered, a far more challenging job.’He added: ‘His Royal Highness, Emily and I had to work very hard to make sure that each word did its job, while at the same time working with the pictures to deliver the points we needed to make.Other titles on subjects such as the Battle of Britain and the Beatles’ Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album will follow.

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