Breaking bad dating patterns for men


As I began to address some of my dating foibles, my dating life definitely took a turn for the better.

A prime example is when I managed to miss an anniversary dinner because a girl in my dorm was homesick.

Plus, I had told a friend I would be there and didn’t want to let him down. You don’t have to respond, but I’d like something from you.’ This frees the other person to connect with you freely and without obligation.”When we refuse to be comforted, it becomes difficult to feel fulfilled and build intimacy in a relationship.

Two hours later, however, we were back where we’d started as Brian brought me pillows and chicken soup. That’s the trouble with us “I’ll do it myself, thank you very much” girls.

This is going to sound bad (and it is), but when I was dating one of my boyfriends, I lied.

Less than a month after we started dating, he leaned over the couch, looked deep in my eyes, and told me earnestly that he loved me.

Without it, I would never have overcome my tendency to put others’ comforts above my own feelings.

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