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Avoidance or termination includes but is not limited to the student not enrolling in a course; a qualified alternative faculty member or teaching assistant taking the position of authority; transfer of the student to another course, section, seminar, etc.

taught by a different faculty member or teaching assistant; assigning or transferring the student to another academic adviser; the student dropping a course.

The tribunal agreed, awarding her a total of ,000 including ,000 for injury to her dignity, feelings and self-respect, and ,200 for counseling expenses.

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Should a consensual relationship develop, or appear likely to develop, while the faculty member is in a position of authority, the faculty member and/or the student shall terminate the position of authority.Even when the faculty member has no professional responsibility for a student, the faculty member should be sensitive to the perceptions of other students that a student who has a consensual relationship with a faculty member may receive preferential treatment from the faculty member or the faculty member’s colleagues.Faculty, for purposes of this policy only, consists of all full- or part-time faculty, teaching assistants, graders, members of dissertation committees and all other personnel who teach, coach, evaluate, allocate financial aid to, or guide research by students. A consensual relationship is any dating, romantic, sexual or marriage relationship.If the student isn’t satisfied with the outcome or wants to take other avenues, she can make a complaint under the Human Rights Code. Human Rights Council, and two were dealt with by arbitrators when the faculty member grieved against disciplinary action taken by the institution.(I am using “she” because most cases involve complaints of female students against male professors, but there have also been cases of male students making complaints against female professors as well as same-sex complaints.) In fact, there have been just four reported legal cases of sexual harassment regarding faculty members and students in Canada, three of them in British Columbia and one in Newfoundland. There are at least two issues that make sexual relationships between faculty and students problematic: the issue of consent and the issue of conflict of interest.Any credible allegation of a faculty member’s failure to avoid or terminate a position of authority while in a consensual faculty-student relationship obligates the department chair, dean or other responsible person to conduct a prompt and thorough inquiry to determine whether the allegation is true.

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