Cancel subscription direct dating


If you're canceling a team, all user accounts will downgrade and the team will be dissolved.

If you currently have an unpaid invoice, you won't see the option to cancel auto-renew. If you worked with our sales team to set up your account, please contact us to cancel your account.

Consumers in the European Union have refund rights described in our European Union Subscription Cancellation Policy.

When your plan downgrades, your plan type changes to BASIC (our free plan).

Your surveys and data aren't deleted, however, you may not be able to use the pro features that let you view all your data unless you re-upgrade to a pro plan.

If you cancel a HIPAA-enabled account, we'll place your account into a suspended state at the end of your billing cycle.

We'll retain the account for the period of time stated in the BAA to provide you with an opportunity to renew it.

“Service(s)” refers to Your use of the Website for any purpose whatsoever.

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