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The accused created false online profiles and then targeted victims that were vulnerable, asking them for money for “emergencies” once they had gained the trust of the victims.The scam The problem with online dating and matchmaking sites in South Africa is that they are not regulated.He points out that the South African law has made provisions for combating cyber-crime with the Electronic Communications Transactions (ECT) Act 25 of 2002 contains provisions for cyber-crimes in sections 86 to 89.In addition to these sections, section 90 of the ECT Act includes extra-territorial jurisdiction, which states in which instances the South African courts have jurisdiction.

According to Grobbelaar, most victims of online dating scams are women.

They want to recreate the closeness that they had with their partner with someone else.

“It is a phenomenon I see often where people who have been in a committed relationship for a prolonged period expect to create that same sense of belonging and closeness with a total stranger too soon.

These victims are chosen because they are vulnerable and eager to form a connection with someone.

In many cases, Grobbelaar says that the victims were married and are now divorced or widowed.

In a recent incident, a women from Durban was conned out of almost R700 000 by a man she met online.

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