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You can also share the amazing results you’ve seen from the previous email.

Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income uses the above subject line in his first auto-responder email, and he provides AMAZING content within this email.

Within the email, Trey explains that he A/B tested five different landing pages and that the one included in the email converted at a whooping rate of 60.34%.

Makes you want to click on the landing page doesn’t it?

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You don’t necessarily need to be A/B testing your pages.

I go through and delete all the unimportant emails so that when I get into the office, a fresh inbox awaits.

However, when I see a subject that catches my eye, I typically read that email right away. Social networks come and go, but email marketing has been and still is a great way to connect with, engage and convert your audience.

In fact, people actually apologized for not being more involved.

Neil Patel is a master of writing catchy blog headlines, and if you’re an email subscriber to his blog, the headlines also become the subject lines of his emails.

Trey used this subject line as a follow-up email from the previous day.

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