Celibate dating meaning chances of dating over 55

The celibate gift eventually becomes all encompassing, influencing every fiber of a person’s being, every emotional molecule.There are some people who may try to rationalize the existence of the celibate based on world standards. The celibate gift is not a reward, not a punishment, not something that is earned, and is not something that can be learned.Likewise, Paul did not say that a married woman is “more inclined” to be concerned about the affairs of this world. Concern about how to please her husband and provide for her family takes priority over everything else.Even though she can have a Christian marriage and family, she cannot be wholeheartedly concerned about the Lord’s affairs.Those who have received the gift will probably have difficulty explaining their choice, just as most women would have difficulty explaining why they chose their particular husband.The gift of celibacy points towards a new frontier, towards eternal life, towards the future when no man or woman will be given in marriage.Note also that Paul never used the phrase “more time” to explain the virgin’s devotion to the Lord, and never attributed free time on her hands to her concern for the Lord’s affairs.

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And if you mention the word “virginity” in today’s sex-crazed society, you can multiply that negative image ten-fold. Because our society has an eroded sense of biblical sexual values as evidenced by the high rates of illicit sex, abortion, and divorce.

So, I am using the terms “celibacy” and “virginity” to mean one and the same—having never engaged in sexual activity.

The spiritual gift of virginity/celibacy is a freely chosen positive response to God to live your life without marriage and without sexual activity, devoted to the Lord in body and spirit. : “An unmarried woman or virgin is concerned about the Lord’s affairs: Her aim is to be devoted to the Lord in both body and spirit.

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An understanding of marriage is necessary in order to understand the celibate gift.

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