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The logo also appeared in the first episode of the series, when the students captured Clark by giving him a kryptonite necklace (which they didn't know was a weakness) and tied him to a cross-like beam in a cornfield and painted a red 'S' on Clark's chest (standing for Scarecrow, which was what he was meant to be as part of a high school hazing tradition) as a reference.Initially, the S-shield had one meaning: S for Superman.This was due to the difficulty in animating the S on the flowing cape.In the 2006 film Superman Returns, the logo appeared on the belt buckle in reverse colors (yellow diamond and S with red background pieces) instead of on Superman's cape.In the 2013 film Man of Steel, when asked by Lois Lane what the "S" stands for, Superman states that it is not an "S", but rather the Kryptonian symbol for "hope".

In modern-day Superman stories published by DC, the symbol is typically explained as being Superman's family crest from his home planet Krypton, known as the insignia of the House of El, with its resemblance to a letter S being merely a coincidence.

The Superman shield, also known as the Superman logo, is the iconic emblem for the fictional DC Comics superhero Superman.

As a representation of one of the first superheroes, it served as a template for character design decades after Superman's first appearance.

One of the first alternative meanings was presented in Superman: The Movie, in which it was not an S, but rather the S-shaped Coat of arms of the House of El as it was Brando's idea to have Jor-El wear the "S" as a family crest, folklore spun off from there.

After the Superman reboot story The Man of Steel, the symbol's story was that it was designed by Jonathan Kent and was derived from an ancient Native American symbol.

In its original inception in Action Comics #1, Superman's symbol was a letter S with red and blue on a yellow police badge symbol that resembled a shield.

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