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Morris County had been carved out of Hunterdon County in 1738, due to increasing population in Hunterdon.In 1740 Morris County Courts convened and divided the county into three townships: Morris, Hanover, and Pequannock.At the beginning of the 1900's, there were about 1,800 residents living in Chatham Borough and about 500 in the Township.Population from the year 2000 US Census was 8,460 in the Borough and 10,086 in the Township.After the revolutionary war, in 1801, the Morris Turnpike was built connecting Elizabeth to Morristown through Springfield and Chatham.The Morris and Essex Railroad came to Chatham in 1837.Six or seven thousand years ago, the first people to settle in the area were the Minsi group of the Lenni Lenape ("Original People") Indians.

The years between the Civil War and World War I were a period of quiet living and simple pleasures.

Many major USA corporations have located their headquarters or major facilities near Chatham, including and others.

There are also hundreds of excellent smaller businesses in the area serving the residents of the Chathams.

Chatham's reputation as a fine, healthy place to live brought a community of bustling tourist trade.

The trains that brought vacationers to Chatham also transported residents to city jobs.

While traveling in the area, the Lenape forded the Passaic River at a shallow point east of Chatham at a place they called "the Crossing of the Fishawack in the Valley of the Great Watchung." "Fishawack" and "Passaic are two versions of the many ways early settlers tried to spell the name they heard the Indians call the river.

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