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Greetings, Beloved Family, Looking down on your beautiful blue and green world, Gaia, we see her glowing like never before! Take into account that humanity has many helpers, and each human being is surrounded by many beings of …The Blue Sky Path™ Platform is a cloud-based approach to building, managing, and delivering live and on-demand education.We are a comprehensive and dynamic healthcare team that is both a one-stop shop for holistic health services and a community center for holistic health education.At Rising Spiral, we believe that empowering individuals to reclaim their highest potential in health and wellness is the most important part of the therapy process.Since 1986, Miria Systems has been developing and implementing ECM custom software applications that improve efficiency, reduce risk, and enable global communications.Miria is best known for our honest, straightforward approach, high level of customer satisfaction, and sound business principles.Belvedere has the same great look of the outcropping in a smaller version and can be used for small garden walls, fire pits, seat walls, and columns.

With core values that are distinctly client-focused–empowerment, education, and empathy–Rising Spiral Massage and Wellness can best be described by the company motto: “You, on the Rise.” For more information about our particular missions and practices, or to schedule an appointment, see the following websites: Julia’s massages are insane. She’s helped me through some really bad back and foot pain to the point that I don’t notice them anymore (after 15 years of living with them every day).

The path is a spiral; we have already climbed many steps.” As this quote suggests, our therapeutic method transcends the circular, often ineffective approach of the buy-your-way-to-wellness model.

Far from simply selling a wellness product, our services teach people how to take wellness into their own hands.

Now, Dear Ones, let us continue with yesterday’s discussion.

We told you about the Big Lie – that Love makes you vulnerable. The opposite is true: Love makes you powerful, and … Energy grid, Alantis, Andromedia, archangels, Arcturians, ascended masters, Ashtar, beauty, Black hole, Cats, Chakras, color healing, compassion, Cosmos, Crystalline grid, Dolphins, Dwaj khul, Earth, El Morya, Elephants, energy galactic federation, Ezekiel, Gaberial, Gaia, Galactic, galactic federation, God, Golden Dragon, Great white brotherhood, Haniel, harmony, healing, human-rights, Isis, Jesus, Jezebel, joy, Kokopelli, Krishna, Kuthumi, Lanto, Lazarus, Light chamber, lightbodies, Lightbody, Lotus flower, Maytreia, Mecchizdek, Merkabah, Merkanah, Merkavah, Merlin, metaphysical, Metatron, Michael, Moses, Mother Mary, New Energy Wave, peace, Planetary body, Pleadians, Quan yin, Quantum mechanics, Rafael, Sananda, Sanat Kumara, Sandolfyn, Satha Sai Baba, science, serenity, Sirius, spirituality, St Germain, Thoth, tone healing, unconditional love, Uriel, Vibration healing, Virgin Mary, whales, white hole, Zadkiel, Zorra Step Into Your Power as a Divine Changemaker You live in times when the unusual can happen so often, it seems to sit side-by-side with the usual.

See the powerful simplicity of an award-winning, streamlined solution in an elegant user interface.

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