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More than a few of my sexually addicted and/or perennially cheating male clients enter treatment via what I like to call 'the spousal ejection method.' Meaning that a wife or long-term partner has basically said, "I'm tired of your cheating, your lies, and your double secret sex life, and if you don't get serious professional help now I am out of here!" Thus me -- because as another male I should know this already -- that as MEN it is their biological, evolutionary, and sociological imperative and/or God-given right to have sex with as many women as possible.In May of this year, adult dating site Adult Friend Finder also faced a hacking of its user data.The data was incredibly revealing, showing individuals’ sexual preferences and proclaimed relationship statuses, and was published online to the embarrassment of many – from a Washington police academy commander to an Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) employee.

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By simply entering the email address of your loved one, you’ll get sent a report detailing whether he or she has been spotted online meeting other people.

Reasons Men Cheat From a sexual standpoint, healthy adult men tend to be most aroused by a visual succession of body parts and sexual acts.

Men in general also seem to have a greater psychological capacity overall to engage in objectified, even anonymous sexual experiences, which are devoid of any relationship or personal connection.

Just make sure that your partner agrees to it up front.

A mutual spousal agreement that it is OK to have sex outside your primary relationship is called having an open relationship, and extramarital sex in this arena is clearly not cheating.

C.-based startup is helping people determine whether their significant others have been cheating on them – and all they need is their email address.

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