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Tags are stored in uppercase, regardless of the case used when entering them. Tags cannot use operating system environment variables or use special formats such as command.RMAN compresses the backup set contents before writing them to disk.Because logs with the same log sequence number are identical, RMAN does not need to include more than one log copy.The feature enables RMAN to complete a backup even when some archiving destinations are missing logs or contain logs with corrupt blocks.Thus, the autobackup—unlike a manual control file backup—contains metadata about the backup that just completed.Also, RMAN can automatically restore autobackups without the use of a recovery catalog."Configuring the Default Type for Backups: Backup Sets or Copies" explains how to configure the default disk device.You can override this default with the variable generates a unique file name for tape backups.

However, the following circumstances may warrant paying the performance penalty: command.The script assumes that SHUTDOWN IMMEDIATE; # Start up the database in case it suffered instance failure or was # closed with SHUTDOWN ABORT before starting this script.STARTUP FORCE DBA; SHUTDOWN IMMEDIATE; STARTUP MOUNT; # this example uses automatic channels to make the backup BACKUP INCREMENTAL LEVEL 0 MAXSETSIZE 10M DATABASE TAG 'BACKUP_1'; # Now that the backup is complete, open the database.Assume that you specify that a data file should be restored from backups that have a specific tag.If multiple backups of the requested file has the desired tag, then RMAN restores the most recent backup that has the desired tag, within any constraints on the command.In practice, tags are often used to distinguish a series of backups created as part of a single strategy, such as an incremental backup strategy.

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