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Netflix still hasn't said much about the show's format.

In a note announcing these first details, Handler mentions that she'll be "traveling around the world and learning new things," so it's possible that the show will look more like her comedy specials than a traditional talk show.

"I was the biggest bitch," she says of her waitressing days.

Episodes will debut about 12 hours after they've been shot.

She has photos of lions eating a dead animal to prove it.)A waiter approaches and she orders margaritas for both of us.

In an oversized tote bag swimming with loose paper, Handler somehow easily locates pages from her forthcoming book of travel essays, Uganda Be Kidding Me.

"I wrote a couple chapters and I sent it to my manager, who at the time had never read a book in his life, and he was like, 'These are really cute.

You write like you talk.'" She found a literary agent who sold it to Bloomsbury for ,000.

Four books, three of which flew to number one on the New York Times' Best Seller list, contribute to the legend.

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