Chris pine rosario dawson dating


As the two risk their lives together they begin to develop a bond, but will they be able to stop this train in time and without loss of life?Before watching, I seriously wondered if a train, stuck on a track on a known course, could generate enough excitement to sustain a full-length movie.Frank and Will are just two average, decent men who rise to the challenge. "This is Will Colson, the conductor speaking; just to let you know we're gonna run this bitch down." I could not help but root for these guys.They are just two ordinary guys trying to pay their bills and keep peace in their families. is a great, fast-paced action movie with characters you want to root for.

Washington, Pine and Dawson are all given just enough character to keep the movie grounded and give the story a human angle.In some ways it reminded me of one of those old disaster movies from the 1970s, the likes of , only instead of a cruise ship or a skyscraper, the action takes place on a freight train.Based loosely on a true story (or as the caption at the beginning says, "inspired by a true story"), the plot is quite simple.To the filmmaker's credit though, they do generate excitement and they do it in a completely plausible manner.Not once does the story stretch into the realm of the impossible.The "villain" of the piece, Glavin, is a bit of a stereotype, more concerned with saving the company money than saving people's lives, but it doesn't hurt the story.

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