Cmos checksum bad when updating asus a8v deluxe


Anyways, here's my current computer specs: 300 W Aopen Power Supply Asus A8V Deluxe K8T800 Pro (Bios V. However, if I restart the computer, or change settings in the BIOS, I get the Bad Checksum error.1013.005) AMD Athlon 64 3500 Newcastle Socket 939 0.13u running 2203.2MHz (200 HTT x 11) ATI Radeon X800 PRO 256 MB Maxtor 6 Model: Y080M0 80GB SATA HD Western Digital WDC WD80 0JD-00HKA0 80 GB SATA HD 2 x 512 MB Apacer Generic Dual Channel DDR400 SDRAM (166MHz 2.5-3-3-7, 200MHz 3-4-4-8) 2 x 512 MB GEi L Dual Channel Performance DDR400 SDRAM (166MHz 2-3-3-7, 200Mhz 2.5-4-4-8) LG CD-RW 52x32x52 CD-RW LG DVD-ROM PCI Ethernet Card Now... OK, when the problem started: I was trying to adjust the latency of my RAM manually in an attempt to geti t running at 200 MHz despite the different timings, so I adjusted it to 3-4-4-8 and told it to manually run as DDR400. This has lead a friend of mine, a computer guy to say the least, to believe it may be the power supply. Editing in my voltage railings: CPU Core: 1.50 V 3.3 V: 3.33V 5V: 4.93 V 12V: 11.13V The 12 V is a little low... when you start upgrading the first thing to check is the power supply is going to supply enough amps especially upgrading a video card throw a 550w quality supply in,you are expecting to much from a 300w Granted, I know this, I requested a 350W power supply but the company who ordered the parts gypped me and gave me a 300W, and I'm not finding out until now.If you pay much less, then you get much less power supply.I always buy either an Antec, Enermax, and some times find a good Enlight that works well.Since your upgrade gap is so big (09 to 17) chances are your previous CMOS settings are completely incompatible with the new BIOS, and need to be manually cleared so that the defaults can be loaded. MSI P35 Neo-f Intel Core2Duo e8400 @ stock OCZ Vendetta 2 2x1gb OCZ Platinum DDR2-1066 ECS nvidia Geforce 9600GT 512mb PCI-E Passive Western Digital 250gb 7200rpm SATAII HDD w/ 16mb cache Enermax Liberty DXX 500W PSU yep, I tried that too, produced the same result, except it tells me that Date and Time are not set edit: incase it matters, heres the spec of the system, I know some of you guys are masters at this kind of stuff ASUS A8V Deluxe (v2.0) AMD Athlon64 3500 Venice core 2Gig Ge IL PC3200 (DDR400) 3-4-4-8 MSI Ge Force 6800 128mb 350W PSU Ok, Problem Solved!I have been at this all day, and iv'e finally solved it.It's runnign at 157.3MHz instead of 200 MHz, due to latency timing issues, but that's not my current problem.I've also updated my BIOS, and have reflashed it several times because of the error that is to be described in the following post, but to no avail. " The odd thing is, I just turned the computer off for about 10 minutes, and let it cool down, and when I did a cold boot, and reset the settings of the RAM in the BIOS to 'Auto'... I immediately reflashed the BIOS using Asus UPDATE, and after restarting the computer... This has persisted, and it seems to be a pattern: If I do a cold boot, it starts up fine.

I have read many different forums with people who have the same problem (alot of people apparently who have applied this BIOS have this problem, but most have fixed it by removing sticks of memory) I am seriously stumped.

How can I flash my A8V Deluxe BIOS from v1008 to v1013?

So in an effort to try updating the BIOS, which had never been upgraded since installed, I upgraded the BIOS to Rev 1014 from 1008...on boot up, I get the message:"CMOS Checksum Bad" and that's as far as we go.

But is it possible that my power supply is insufficient, and therefor causing these problems? I'll try resetting CMOS, but I want to know about the other diagnostics I just posted. My BIOS is keeping proper time and whatnot, I just get those errors.

i think it is the power can you borrow a larger quality supply to put in to check stressing the one that is in will cause temps to rise,could make it an expensive repair job if it is the problem and decides to go Yeah, the symptoms you describe seems to point to the power supply.

I have no idea what could be causing it, but I am not prepared to admit defeat and call this motherboard dead.

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