Credit card dating service


If you do get some push-back from the site, most often whoever signed you up will not have any of your personal information correct: name, location, sex, age and so on.

Use this as ammunition if you do find yourself fighting with the service to get the charges reversed.

The thing is, stealing a credit card to sign up for an online dating service seems like a waste: wouldn’t the person who has stolen the card rather get as much out of it as possible? To me, I think the person who has taken your card is far more interested in stealing from others than stealing from you.

For example: They create their profile and begin a relationship with someone.

The person being scammed finally realizes what’s happening and they contact the dating service.

The dating service begins to investigate what has been going on but can’t trace it back to the actual scammer…because they’ve used your credit card.

However, if there is a pattern of repeated fraudulent charges going on at a particular site, this is probably one a good way to improve the situation for others who come after you.

Why Would Someone Steal My Credit Card to Sign Up for a Dating Service?

You’ll want to verify this is the case with the service you use but as far as I am aware there are no services that will deny you the time you’ve paid for when you unsubscribe. If you’ve been charged for an auto-renewal it may have a difficult if not impossible to get the charges reversed.

Jump to: Handling the Dating Service Fraudulent Charges Handling Dating Service Auto-Renewals Popular Dating Services Phone Numbers Believe it or not, I have personally dealt with both of these cases at different points in my life.

When I was dating online I was caught off-guard the first time I dealt with a dating service auto-renewal.

If you catch the charge right away and contact them you may be able to get the charge reversed but generally dating services have auto-renewals worked into the agreement you accept when initially subscribing.

Here is a list of some of the dating service phone numbers in case you need to reach support: Phone Number: 800-926-2824, dial 0 when record begins e Harmony Phone Number: 800-951-2023 Zoosk Phone Number: 415-728-9574 Chemistry Phone Number: 866-610-MEET Perfect Match Phone Number: 425-284-4265 Lavalife Phone Number: 866-554-5282 If you have phone numbers for other dating services I haven’t listed here, leave a comment and I’ll be sure to get them added.

This can be a hassle since you’ll have to wait to get your new card but it is definitely a step you want to take.

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