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We are too wrapped up in the affair or in our own issues to notice.

Many victims have said that the pain is worse than losing a loved one.

She has felt anger, sadness and despair and since she never saw your affair coming, it has crushed the hell out of her.

She may suffer from panic attacks and has totally lost her confidence, her self-esteem and cannot trust herself to make good decisions any longer.

We’ve caused a severe trauma to our spouses, and it’s a trauma that they never deserved.

I’ve never had a collector who was trying to decide between my art or another artist’s art. 6.) Art contests imply that there is only one winner, one success. My definition of success is getting paid for inspiring other people with my art.

They have many questions, emotions, images and feelings that constantly stir up more pain.

The affair remains in the mind of the betrayed through every waking moment.

I think the main reason this is so is because the pain from infidelity is a pain that keeps on giving and it lingers in the victim’s mind for a long time.

Each time they experience a trigger, the pain is there again as if the affair just occurred.

And if you haven’t figured out by now, this pain isn’t something that goes away easily nor quickly. Experts say it takes anywhere from 2 to 4 years for a person to recover from infidelity.

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