Dating 17


She began college at George Washington University in Washington, D. but, in 1994, transferred to the University of California, Los Angeles.In 1997, she graduated from UCLA with a double bachelor's degree in history and art history.I looked over at the other man and stared at the device in his lap then at the guilty look on his face something told me that this inevitable conversation was going to be an interesting one.Steve finally looked up but didn't make eye contact with me, "Tony, are you looked at me skeptically, "Will..he still be here when I wake up? If Steve was this attached then I guess I could let Ryan stay besides after reliving whatever memories he had then taking someone he liked away wasn't the best idea.Finally he nodded and got up, I let him lean against me when he started swaying and once his head hit that pillow he was out cold.Of course I still hadn't told the person I harbored feelings for that I liked him and probably never would at this point.It should be obvious to you that the person I like is Steve.

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"Ryan but his hands down, "Well maybe he like me..maybe I like him back, ever think of that Tony?

" His voice was shaky and it almost scared me to see this side of him, I was so used to the Captain America mask that it was scary to see this insecure side.

I squeezed his shoulder gently, "Yes it me I've dated a few guys in my life." Steve looked down at the laptop and opened his mouth but ended up coughing, I smiled a little, "Come on Cap, you should got back to bed.""Don't do anything bad to Ryan please, I kind of..him." Steve didn't look at me but I had a feeling I knew what he meant by 'liked' and I didn't like it one bit."I'll try not Steve." I usually tried to avoid lying to him but...

"The broken tone of his voice made me want to pull this soldier into a hug and do everything to make him feel better but I knew that the action would only confuse him, "No Cap, not at you.""Oh." He looked down again, "You seem mad."I almost chuckled at that, "You seem like a little kid in trouble," I did chuckle when I saw what appeared to be a pout on his face, "I am mad Steve, just not at you.""Are you mad at Ryan?

" The concern in his voice really made me want to punch Ryan but I knew I had to take care of Steve first, which is why I was here and not punching Ryan over and over again."Look Cap I know you're still sick because even though you heal fast and really shouldn't be able to get sick I can still hear you sniffling and I can hear the rap in your voice plus you did just have a panic attack so I suggest you go back to your bed and let me go talk to Ryan for a bit." I put a hand on his shoulder and reached out to take the laptop but he hugged it close."'s accepted now...right?

I sat back down on the chair next to the bed and placed my feet by Steve's, I went back to work and waited for him to wake up.

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