Dating a classmate

Once a classmate gets one, they can ask another classmate to go on a date. This is the chance for the (formerly) scrawny band nerd to ask out the (former) homecoming queen, or the outcast to get a second chance with the jock.I know it’s only a TV show, but these dates are sometimes awkward and uncomfortable to watch. Using our best MBA skills — data analysis, user interviews, grand conclusions drawn from surveys sent to Blast — we left no stone unturned. Given the amount of discussion on the topic — whispered rumors of couplings, analysis of a possible ambigudate from across the Sports Cafe, focus groups in support of a LOWkeynote — your editorial staff took it upon ourselves to unpack the dating world of the GSB.) In the show, a group of former real-life high school classmates are set up in a beautiful beach house in Hawaii for a 20 year reunion, and the sparks fly where they may, so to speak.This season’s cast includes the Class Clown, the Wannabe, the Player, the Jock, the Preacher’s Daughter, the Snob, the Homecoming Queen, the Band Geek, the Outcast, the Ugly Duckling, and the Troublemaker, among others. The storylines are a bit heightened and the labels each classmate comes in with are no doubt exaggerated.It’s the Homejoy of romance — a product with proven demand that simply can’t convert customers.Do those “not a great idea” dates scare classmates away?

When I flip through channels on a boring Saturday afternoon, I’ll sometimes check out the show High School Reunion on TV Land (check your local listings!From a 49% singledom rate upon entry for current MBA2s, how many of those classmates are left to “hit us up” after graduation? Now, you have FOMO if you’re not.” As mentioned before, there are, by one count, 18 newly formed relationships within the MBA2 class since Colombia.Despite a gloomy analytical outlook, that datapoint is compelling. And, if you think someone’s cool, hit ’em up after we graduate.As it turns out, the men and women of the GSB don’t see eye-to-eye on the appeal of the dating pool.The women of the GSB view their on-campus prospects more favorably, with 80% of the women ranking the dating pool a 3 or higher vs. Despite the women’s more favorable outlook, the willingness to hook up with a classmate is more consistent among the men.Are they afraid of the reputational repercussions of dating within a small community? The “ambigudate” is the stuff of GSB legend — notorious for both its ubiquity and its difficulty to define.

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