Dating a climber

The climber then started posting his unfolding rescue on Facebook - prompting his battery to go dead and meaning the team lost contact with him.

He saved my life'." The couple, who lived in Cardiff, ran their own blog Cam and Bear in which they described their love of the outdoors.But after failing to find it and Dove Crag descending in a thick cloud of fog, he lost his footing, plunged 60ft and suffered a serious head injury.He was able to dial 999 but when Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team (MRT) spoke to him they were unable to work out exactly where he was."Andy and Lucy's intentions upon returning from Yosemite were, with the help of Andy's father, to covert a van into a motor home to enable them to explore the European Alps for the next 12 months."It was then our hope that Andy would return to Up and Under in a part-time consultative role, whilst he also chased other ambitions.Staff at the Cardiff shop said in a statement: "Andy Foster was an inspirational member of the Up and Under family.

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