Dating a dominican guy traditional japanese dating customs


I understand the condom if she was single but we have both been to the clinic together and been tested and do not use condoms so it was not for me. Am I over analyzing and this does not look as bad ?Travelers tend to do well when it comes to getting dates in Romania.Her main phone is a smart phone with an application called CM Security and with this application you are able to lock applications.She locked her whatsapp and contacts so I could not see them unless I knew her password but she did allow me to see her contacts and photos.

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I asked if she was going with the girlfriend she was speaking with on the phone she was talking to yesterday. I told her I was off work tomorrow so why not just wait one more day. In her defensive her brother was killed in the street so I have some sympathy in regards to that.

She said she was to two different places and was trying to find the best price.

I asked her about the orange (her favorite Gatorade drink) flavored condom I found in her purse and she said she got that from a bridal shower three years ago and forgot it was there.

But I did find it very suspicious that she only returned with four things because I asked her what she bought and they were all things for her hair.

I asked her what took her five hours because she could have bought this all in one place.

I work from home so I stayed there one month trying to make sure I didn't have issues with the lights and internet while I was there and I was considering living there to see if the relationship was real.

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