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There are 2 ways to make an in-app purchase (using real money) of an additional world in the PLAY-DOH TOUCH app:1.

From the settings menu, go to the "Store," confirm your age, then tap the arrow in the bottom right hand corner. When the scanning screen opens, there will be a store icon in the bottom left hand corner.

Cleaning Carpets If Play-Doh Compound gets into the carpet, let it dry. Keep a Lid on It Store Play-Doh Compound in the can with the lid completely closed.

When it's dry, loosen the pieces with a stiff brush, then pick them up by hand or with a hand-held or regular vacuum. If left exposed, Play-Doh Compound will eventually dry out.5. It Lasts Longer Your child creates a masterpiece you want to cherish, but Play-Doh Compound creations will eventually dry and crack if left out. Ask your child to find all the blue pieces and put them in a can, then all the mixed-color pieces and put them in a can, and so on.

Tap on the top right icon twice.•Visit our website for privacy policy: Many types of PLAY-DOH sculpts can be recognized when scanned into the PLAY-DOH TOUCH app.

Preserve your child's work of art by taking a photo of it. You can even post it the Play-Doh Facebook page for your friends and family to see! Sing a song while you do it to make the time pass even more quickly. Download the PLAY-DOH TOUCH app on your compatible smart device. To start, simply:• SHAPE a creation with PLAY-DOH modeling compound and put it on a flat, white surface.• SCAN your creation into the PLAY-DOH TOUCH app using your compatible device’s camera and see it come to life in a virtual world!

• EXPLORE all the creative possibilities in the PLAY-DOH TOUCH app.

It may be necessary to vacuum clean or wash with gentle soap and cold water. Pick up the Pieces Part 2Dry pieces of Play-Doh Compound can generally be picked off of hard surfaces.

You may need to repeat the process in order to completely remove the Play-Doh compound. DO NOT USE SOAP AND WATER, as that will make them dissolve and become harder to remove.3.

Keep shaping and scanning your PLAY-DOH creations to build your own world.

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