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Originally calling themselves 'Modernists’ after their love of modern jazz, the cult’s young founders emerged in London’s Soho around 1959.

Gitchi gitchi ya ya da da Gitchi gitchi ya ya here Mocha chocolata, ya ya Gitchi gitchi ya ya here was written by Bob Crewe and Kenny Nolan & produced by Allen Toussaint and Vicki Wickham.A cult that once formed part of the baby boomers’ generational revolt has become something that unites the generations.One of the movement’s favourite brands, Ben Sherman, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year with the phrase 'A Heritage of Modernism’.Mod is ambition made flesh and cloth; it is arguably the closest the British have come to articulating their own version of the American Dream.In the class-bound cities and suburbs of the mid-20th century, far beyond the celebrity world of Swinging London, the style was adopted by ambitious men and women who sensed the importance of being smart mentally and sartorially in order to make the most of their opportunities in a country where higher education, home ownership and foreign travel were coming within the reach of most people for the first time.Yet unlike some other youth movements, Mod has never alienated middle-class opinion for long, perhaps because it is a flattering reflection of middle-class style and values, though one effected with a sardonic smile rather than a tug of the forelock.

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