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At this point, though, they actually started DMing each other, but this time on Twitter, to get each other’s phone numbers and talk about being internet-famous.

"I thought it would be interesting to meet up with him but I didn’t want to be the one that gave in and broke the joke," Arendas told Buzz Feed.

(She told Buzz Feed that she deleted and downloaded Tinder enough times that she would miss messages entirely.) After that, about every few months, one would message the other and apologize for the delay in responding.Items ordered online from Apple that arrived damaged or are incorrect can be returned to any U. Apple Retail Store, or by contacting Customer Service at 1-800-676-2775. If you use your order number, you’ll also need to provide your UPC .You can review items eligible for return at this time."But I was interested."Josh and Michelle's Tinder story goes to show the power of swiping right, matching with someone, and engaging in conversation — it can truly change your life and create a meaningful connection, no matter how seriously you take it.We’re honored to have the opportunity to facilitate them meeting IRL, and we hope that this encourages other Tinder users to keep swiping, matching and meeting new people. After you sign in, you will see the items on your most recent order.

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