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I don't know if this was due to different formulations or differences in storage. Overall, I can say I've greatly enjoyed every Tabu I've tried, even the current version which catches a lot of grief. All you need is a tiny spritz and you will be enjoying this scent all day.Regardless of formulation, you can expect sweet and spiciness with woods and musk-- a classic Oriental and overall well-deserved perfume Hall of Famer. I think the next time I wear it I may only spritz behind my knees or the base of my back so it's even more subtle.My dearly beloved, I've been waiting impatiently all spring and summer for these cool autumn nights that I can finally have your devilishly delicious aura surrounding me once again.Opening my perfume cabinet only to see you looking back at me with those somber, amber colored bedroom eyes was almost torturous during all those sweltering nights when you would have only broken off the chain, soured, and crushed me beneath your freakishly strong sillage. Because you know that taboos were meant to be broken.. Part of me likes this and part if me can't shake the an association with an eccentric aunt.Before creating Tabu, he was instructed to make a fragrance for a whore (‘un parfum de puta’). Its luscious oriental floral composition starts with fresh citrus and spicy notes.

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I never thought I'd wear Aunt Marys perfume but just for fun I dabbed some on and if I try to just smell it for what it is, its a fun, odd, a little but smoky and scent with a soda- like sweetness. I wouldn't wear it everyday but in a certain mood wearing certain outfits( fall coat and leather boots) I just could imagine wearing Tabu. The vintage is better than the new version, but I like the new as well.

I will say the reviewers who describe a "cola vibe" are telling the truth concerning the newest formula. It leaves you with a deep, rich, smoky fragrance, and I love it as a base for layering other perfumes. There is such an incredible dissimilarity with the new, they seem like two completely different perfumes. One interesting point is that my two vintages also differ one from the other.

One is much more incense with some woody, musky raunch, while the other smells like pure vanilla extract for the longest time then dries down to only a hint of the aforementioned base.

My heathen soul reeks of TABU." Got a Tabu today, its a really lovely version, in a square, heavy bottle with gold writing and Tabu trademark on the bottle itself, Australian company, Frostbland, Made in India.

Other version with twisted bottle I had tried was a little too sweet and made me nauseous after too long a wear, This one is more smoky. Very long lasting and good sillage, Will get another to stock up.... I own several bottles of Tabu, because, even though I will never run out of it, I just want to be sure. It never goes sharp or harsh, instead it becomes rounder more settled in and spicier.

I think it will be more of a fall/winter fragrance because it is so HEAVY and smoky, but it was so worth throwing down a few bucks to add this little gem to my collection.

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