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Once pressed the cheese rounds are wrapped in traditional cotton cheesecloth and aged on wooden shelves for twelve to eighteen months.

This version is smoked nearby in the local smokehouse.

Loads of taste experiences - rich, tangy, meaty, savoury, citric sharpness, sweet nutty finish!

Made by the Long Clawson dairy in Leicestershire; a Cheddar laced with Bordeaux wine, or port wine and brandy, producing the pink and white marbled effect.

A soft, creamy cheese with cracks and streaks of blue.

Handcrafted on the Cahill family farm, this yellow, waxed handmade cheddar is entwined with Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey to give a fabulous savoury combination.

The Stilton is sandwiched in the middle, giving a strong combination of tastes and textures.

The name of this semi-hard cheese comes from Gray (the original cheesemaker’s name) spelt backwards, now made by Lynher Dairies Cheese Company in Cornwall.

A creamy, salty flavour, which can vary in strength throughout the year depending on the seasonal grazing habits of the sheep producing the milk.

The Montgomerys have made cheese on their farm near Yeovil in Somerset for three generations.

Our cheese selection changes regularly and may vary between the branches.

The list below is a sample only of what you can expect to find in our cheeserooms.

Semi-soft with a melting texture and strong, meaty flavour, likened to smoked bacon.

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