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If you’re already smitten, you may wire funds to the scammer – no questions asked.“They are caught in the scammer’s web,” Nofziger says.The scammer often will make excuses for why he or she can’t talk on the phone, or will make – and then cancel – plans to meet you.The scammer then will claim there has been an emergency and he or she needs money.He allegedly also had a son who lived in the Philippines with his grandmother.The alleged architect claimed he worked for Wahum, a company based in China, but the user discovered upon further research that Wahum was actually based in Nigeria.Look to the sky at night, and when you see a sparkle of a very shining star …

File a complaint: Federal Trade Commission: Call 877-FTC-Help, or file a complaint online.Western Union received at least 44,500 complaints about online dating and romance scams, with losses totaling at least million, between 20, the FTC’s Todd Kossow says.Amy Nofziger, regional director of the AARP Foundation, explained how a romance scam works: The scammer will often say he or she is from the United States, but is traveling or working overseas, and will quickly profess his or her love for you.This complaint, also from, describes one users’ moral dilemma as he/she is attempting to assist a woman immigrate to the U. from Ghana, “We keep having problems with immigration and mostly I am working with the USA Ghana embassy, but all the numbers I try in Ghana are diconnected or I get hang ups, no answer.” According to the complaint, the user had sent ,000 to Ghana.“I am trying to tell her now to call the USA Embassy if someone is misleading her her such as an agent or someone doing a crime,” the user writes. This last one, from E-harmony, is my favorite - ‘George Dremonas’ asked an unsuspecting user to send money to his uncle, who needed treatment and to return to the U. after he and his currently-deceased wife were robbed on vacation in Dubai.We are afraid that (b)(6) may be a terrorist, living under an assumed name in Oceanside, NY.” Maybe DHS should join the online dating scene.

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