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Again, you do not want to get pissed drunk – and make a complete fool of yourself.Let’s say that the deal does not work out – before or after the actual date.We are thinking three-fourths front profile, with decent attire and all smiles.Everyone is looking for fun, not for pseudo serious uncles.Not that we are saying that only desperate and not-so-pretty women mail you first – but usually the good ones would wait for you to make first contact. You don’t want to scare her off, you don’t want to be a douche and you don’t want to bore her to death. The first date is just a sample test – to check if all that you were online is for real.

But if you did meet up and things were lukewarm – well, let her down easy and pass on that “I-had-fun-but-you-are-not-the-type-I-am-looking-for” line.

Gone are those days; now meeting the girl of your dreams is just a couple of clicks away.

We give you some useful tips and guidelines on how to ensure that you succeed in online dating, while navigating the deep seas of fake profiles and expensive websites.

Believe me, you do not want a username like ‘bigdaddy69’ or ‘naughtyboyrahul’ – girls steer clear from such potential stalker names. Saying you are an amateur singer if your best performances are in the shower would be stretching it a little far.

If you do not want to reveal your name, be creative. You might not have the looks of Ryan Gosling, but if you want to camouflage that in Instagram-ish blurs or silhouettes or even an artsy side profile, you will anyway not have many takers, boy.

Either you do not find the other person interesting, or vice versa.

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