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He worked for a time in Edinburgh and in 1782 he moved to London where, after meeting architects Robert Adam and Sir William Chambers, he was involved in building additions to Somerset House there.

Two years later he found work at Portsmouth dockyard and — although still largely self-taught — was extending his talents to the specification, design and management of building projects.

About 18 months ago I got back on the bandwagon." "A lot of properties had been taken, and landlords weren't as flexible in changing the use of buildings because they thought it was just a fad.

Now it's proven it's not a fad, it's becoming the latest industry." "I came across this site in Stafford Park, Telford and found it was perfect.

National chain Flip Out will also be bringing a new facility to Telford in the near future, at an as of yet unannounced location.

Such was his reputation as a prolific designer of highways and related bridges, he was dubbed The Colossus of Roads (a pun on the Colossus of Rhodes), and, reflecting his command of all types of civil engineering in the early 19th century, he was elected as the first President of the Institution of Civil Engineers, a post he retained for 14 years until his death.He was one of the first engineers to test his materials thoroughly before construction.As his engineering prowess grew, Telford was to return to this material repeatedly."We were expecting to open September 28, but it's been moved to October 5."We expect it to be completed finished in about a week.In 1790 he designed a bridge carrying the London–Holyhead road over the River Severn at Montford, the first of some 40 bridges he built in Shropshire, including major crossings of the Severn at Buildwas, and Bridgnorth.

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