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And adults who drift off on the right side each night are more likely to be smokers and coffee drinkers, the poll of 5,000 people suggests.

The heaviest drinkers are regarded as 'stomach slumpers' - those who drift off while laying on their front.

Around one in ten of the population can't make their mind up how they want to sleep at night.

Known as 'freestylers', they are most likely to work in utilities.

An eighth of people sleep on their fronts each night. Some five per cent of respondents worked in the agricultural and fishing industries - the most popular job for these sleepers.

Utility workers struggle to stick to just one position, freestyling in a variety of different choices to fall asleep.

The report, commissioned by Sealy, a mattress manufacturer, also reveals how some positions can boost sleep quality.

Some 6 per cent were shown to work in energy or water-based jobs.

Those who chop and change their position of rest during the night are often between the ages of 35 and 44. A quarter of those who used this position to get to sleep say they regularly wake up feeling refreshed and well-rested.

It's the least popular sleeping position, often adopted by singletons who don't have to share a bed with their partner.

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