Dating slena

Gossip Cop can bust this purely speculative and inaccurate claim.

Hollywood Life, which is typically more focused on clickbait than real reporting, has a headline reading, “Did Justin Bieber’s Mom Just Confirm Her Son Is Dating Selena Gomez Again?

But much like in this case with Mallette, The Weeknd’s tweet had zero to do with Gomez.

He was simply making a comment about a TV show, just as she has simply made comments about love.

By the blog’s ridiculous logic, every time she did so, she was alluding to her son’s love life. There is no legitimate reason to infer that any of the messages cited are about Bieber and Gomez.

Hollywood Lies is twisting Mallette’s tweets into something they have nothing to do with.

For context, the Weeknd was in Sacramento the day before on tour, and he's headed to Anaheim today for another show.

is she trying to tell us that her superstar son is back together with his one true love Selena? As can be seen on , all she did was write inspirational statements about love in general.Justin Bieber’s mom did not “confirm” he’s dating Selena Gomez again.In fact, Pattie Mallette didn’t say anything about them dating at all, one way or the other.Of course, they looked better than most people do in horrible weather.Check out some of the videos and photos fans captured: Gomez and The Weeknd rarely talk about their relationship, but they have no issues showing a little PDA or doing things where photographers can spot them.“It’s really hard when I would want to spend so much time hiding things,” Gomez said over the summer.

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