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On 28 March 2005, the members announced at the autograph session of their 4 in Love album that they had decided to explore solo careers.

Although the four members had, at the time, firmly claimed that they were not disbanding, and to date, no official statement of disbandment has been released, the four members have, in reality, rarely collaborated under the name of Cookies ever since they began expanding their respective solo careers.

On 3 August 2012, Cookies, with the exception of Theresa Fu and Serena Po, appeared as a guest performer at Shine's concert, Shine Again 2012, which was held at Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre. The appearance of Cookies proved to be nostalgic, as Cookies and Shine had debuted near the same time.

She has since concentrated on filming TV dramas and films.Tang had been a part-time model before officially joining the entertainment industry.She was referred to EMI Hong Kong by the model agency Talent Bang, which subsequently resulted in her joining of Cookies. Tang is the first member of Cookies to have released a solo album; at the beginning of her solo career development, she focused on music.Fu had previously been a part-time model before officially entering the entertainment industry.Like Tang, she was also referred to EMI Hong Kong by the model agency Talent Bang.In 2013, Tang announced that she has signed with Sun Entertainment Culture Ltd, leading her to once again work with her previous manager when she was with Cookies, Paco Wong.

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