Dating warez demo

They are known for releasing copies of games which use Steam licensing and also for emulating Ubisoft's Uplay DRM protection, as well as Denuvo-protected games.

They were a global group with members worldwide, often releasing game "rips".

It was one of the first IBM PC groups founded 1988 in Sweden and run by Hard Core or also known as HC/TDT.

The Humble Guys (also known as THG) were the first warez group to make use of NFO files to document their releases.

Since returning in 2017, 3DM have only released games which use Steam licensing, sometimes releasing copies of better protected games which include cracks made by other groups.

This practice has been criticized by the groups whose cracks were included in releases under the 3DM name.

3DM is a Chinese video game cracking group, "one of the world's biggest" according to Kotaku.

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